The Association/Sangham shall be bringing all the community people under one umbrella staying/living in the various areas of the Mumbai City & its suburbs.
  ii)   The Association/Sangham shall maintain a good relation with its member and develop a good report among its community people.
  iii)   The Association/Sangham shall financially assist the poor and needy children of its community members in educating their children/wards.
  The Association/Sangham shall fecilate/award/handover an appreciation letter to the children/wards of its community members, who come out for flying colours in S.S.C./ H.S.C./Graduation exams and in professional couses.
  The Association/Sangham shall feliciate and encourage its community members, who achieved their goals and reached higher positions in various fields.
  The Association/Sangham shall strive to get rid off the superstitions prevailing among its community members and develop a scientific attutude among them.
  vii)   The Association/Sangham shall strive for intercaste marriages among the children/wards of its community members to create an egalitarian society.
  The Association/Sangham shall strive and make efforts to get ride off the dowry system and convince its parent members not to demand dowry in any form in getting married to thier children/wards.
  ix)   The Association/Sangham shall strive for the girl education and develop awareness among its members regarding the importance of girl education.
  The Association/Sangham will try its level best to inculcate moral values, habit of co-operation and brotherhood among its members and public at large.
  xi)   The Association/Sangham shall make efforts to its best possible way to serve its community members and general public at large.
  xii)   The Association/Sangham shall promote and organize social, cultural, literary and general activities and functions.
  xiii)   The Association/Sangham shall conduct various competitions like games and sports, essay writing, elocution, extempore for the all-round development of its members and their children/wards and public at large. It also arrange debates, discussions on various topics to gain fluency and proficiency in various language skills.
  The Association/Sangham shall in general will do all such other things as are incidental to all conducive to the attainment of the above said aims/objects without any prejudice tothe caste, colour, creed, regional or political affiliations.
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